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Aye Yo Ma!

Updated: Oct 13, 2020


Aye yo ma

that’s a nice shirt

 let me take you out of it

oh you don’t like that

 well  lets play a game i'll give you a hint

 guess my name

And if you win

i'll tell you your pretty

i'll protect you from guys like me

 with my fist i will remind you with every hit

that it’s your fault

 you make me hurt you

you made me do this

 maybe next time you won’t to do your womanly duty

well if you look at that

 you're not as dumb as you look you’ve found the first hit

Now to stay in this game you must be up to part

 just know your only pretty if i say so

If your dark skin your ugly

 i said your only pretty if i say so

 forget the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice

 man the litter the her skin the softer her fruit

baby let me come inside of you

naw  let me cum inside of you

 baby let me in

 I’m sorry i could have sworn you said you loved me don’t you love me baby

 i mean i’ve been asking for permeation for you to let me do what a man does but I’m getting tired of their being no response so i'll take you silent as a yes

 stay silent or you’ll regret you 

This isn’t rape just a Misunderstanding

just a joke like

What’s the best part about sex with 28-year-olds?

There are twenty of them

Wanna hear another one


Another one 

See it’s funny right

Funny how you Always make me out to be the abuser when you choose this life 

You played this game

You let me in that night


That night 

I've lost my love in your shadow

Lost my religion in this battle

Because god doesn't come around this street corner

 Where forin man cum for a taste 

  his tongue laced with sin 

bottle filled with gin 

so i don't have to remember the night

I stayed silent

As you forced yourself inside of me

 Sifting every bone in my body

But he love

so this isn't rape if you pay the right price you can cum inside of me

Daddy says i’m beautiful

why else would he tough me the way he does he care

i mean look at all these ring

I’m just waiting for him to tie this noose i mean knott around my finger

He cares

Why else would he let me keep this baby

This baby need to eat so i can’t quit my life on these street

But One day this baby will call me mommy 



Why are there so many toys in your draw

Mommy Mom theri the peanut headed boy named Tyrone that's alway hitting and pushing me around

You said that means he like me

Because boys don't know how to handle their emotions 

Is that why daddy hits you so much 

Mommy does that mean a boy love me the same way daddy love you 

Mommy what’s stockholm syndromes

What’s rape

Mommy what’s that needle in your arm 

Mom mom why did you stay

Why did you leave me here with your uncle do you know what they call me

Don’t you know what they do to me at night 

Mom Tyron guru up

He got a new name now 

don’t call me your daughter 

I’ve got a new name now

They call me candy because man love the way I taste 

They call me diamond 

They call me kitty I won’t tell you what I did to get that name

Mom I forgot my name

And you haven’t been around 

Your just a crackhead I ain't got love for you now 

Daddy already showed me how to get down 

 so I don’t need your help 

I mean look at all theses rings 

I’m just waiting for him to tie the noose get it 

Daddy says he’ll kill himself if I leave 

He said I’m the finest and tightest on his line up

He said your not anything but dope feen 

he said love me

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