The Rose That Grew From Rikers Island

Have you ever watched someone die? Feel their bones Crack against your insides? Hear their screams Echo Out Of existence? I Have I’ve been built To keep my bars shut To be nothing but an after math of not following orders  Built by bricks a border Form freedom The separate between a Man With one foot In a courtroom the other in chains Prays his son would Never follow in his foot stepBut my bars have rotted in to a mute god I answer to no one but pale skin an

Aye Yo Ma!

ABUSER Aye yo ma that’s a nice shirt let me take you out of it oh you don’t like that well  lets play a game i'll give you a hint guess my name And if you win i'll tell you your pretty i'll protect you from guys like me with my fist i will remind you with every hit that it’s your fault you make me hurt you you made me do this maybe next time you won’t to do your womanly duty well if you look at that you're not as dumb as you look you’ve found the first hit Now to stay in this