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The space in-between

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

My mom said he was quiet.

Could pull possibilities and punch lines out of his pocket 

But, stayed Silent 

until messed with 

Broke jaws

With the same hands he played nintendo with.

Mom said he was funny always joking around

But, he got anger

Lived in danger 

 the only way to stay safe

Earned him the named 

Fred Dog

But I know him as Terrance

Maybe he had no support, or he joined a gang to support his brothers

Maybe he was left with no choice.

But he was in 

The streets swallow you up

Jump you in 

Shoot you out 

In the hood

In his hood

He stood on 53nd street with friends, 

with brothers, with soldiers

drafted to a corner

A black&white police car pulled up.

A Enemy Patrollin

through concrete goes in with

 Boy in the back seat,

With handcuffs and a backwards cap on

Officer of “peace”, Grins from drivers seat 

with hungry teeth, 

his badge a trap, kids cap

Covered with the name of a rival gang 

A combat-ant of different colors. 

 and yeah He got anger

Or fear

Don't know who shot first

but someone fired back, 

rapid gunshot to their chest

See when men with purple Hearts and blue skin mix, they soak the battlefields red

No this isn’t a dive by 

Its a officer taking calls without order

The holder or the gun was sworn to protect and serve

 He didn’t do that

 fred dog Ran

The hood told him to run 

Out of fear, out of instinct


Run back to my grandma's safety 

Back to his Nintendo

To his childhood 

Run back To himself 

Run back to Terrance

Gotta find a place to hide

Two weeks later his heat turned blue 

When the officers apporce the apartment 

He jumped out a second story window 

Following that same instinct

By the time he hit the ground 

his body was riddled with bullets 

shot him 10 times

Maybe more, 




Maybe more

Los Angeles time article said

“Ambush suspect is killed in shootout”

Hit the ground and aimed a gun in the time it took to catch his breath? 

Article said 

officer was ambushed 

Officer was shot at

said suspect was a gang member

Said criminal was killed

No word of how he was my uncle 

or a son

No words on playing zelda told jokes

Reporters Would 


type about how

He died instead of how he lived


Why is that?

Take a fuckig guess

Why not mention he's human?

got no are lawyers asking

My grandma can't afford one 

 while the offers still on duty,

bringing cash in

Give a cop a therapist 

We’re Served safety pin for bullet wounds

He was gone



My uncle was 



he would make your heart change tune


i got anger

So pick up a different weapon 

Try to bring him back through my word

This is how I got the chance to know him 

To laugh at his joke 

Not threw stories 

And faded articles

in the quite 

endless possibilities 

What could’ve been 

Until quite was enough 

Until officer speaks death into existence with a gun

The things that could’ve been

Rest in peach Terrance Thomas

Me uncle I never knew 

But if given the chance.

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